staudenPerennials are plants that come back every year, unlike ‘annual’ flowers that need to be planted every year.  Because of this, perennials have become very popular with homeowners.  Terra grows several hundred perennial varieties, specifically meant for our area which happens to be called ‘zone 4’ in garden speak.  A few of the best shade perennials include:  ferns, hosta, and astilbe.  We grow many colors, shapes and sizes of these great plants.  Excellent Spring Copy of 26200_PAblooming perennials include creeping phlox, dianthus, and iris.  For Summer, coreopsis, gallardia, coneflower, Russian sage, ornamental grasses, and tall phlox provide wonderful color.  Perennials that tend to look great towards the end of Summer and into Fall are rudbeckia, sedum, and asters.

By mixing Spring, Summer, and Fall varieties of perennials, you can be assured of having a very colorful and exciting garden for the entire season.  Perennials also play well with shrubs and annuals.Copy of Flyer 3 pg 2  133017

We grow many more varieties than the above ones and are adding new ones all the time, so stop out and let us help you plan your perennial garden.