If you have limited space and prefer ease of maintenance, then ‘container gardening’ is your solution.  There are plant selections that can thrive in sun or shade in containers – you’ll just need a few simple items:  First you’ll need a pot to put your plants in.  We have so many styles, colors, price points, and varieties of pots that finding one to compliment your environment will be easy.  Be sure that the pot you select has drainage holes in the bottom as this is esential for the health of the plant roots.  Second, use what we call a ‘soil-less’ potting mix.  It’s comprised of peat moss and other lightweight organic material and supplements.  Soil like this allows for easy root development.  Our motto is, “Healthy plants grow from healthy roots, planted in quality soil”.  Don’t forget to fertilize every 10-14 days or use Osmocote time release fertilizer granules when you plant your container garden.  If you don’t fertilize, every time that you clear water, you will be washing the nutrients out of the pot.  Now you’re ready for the plants.  Be sure to have fun picking them out. Take into consideration the amount of sunlight you have, and your favorite colors.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with color and unusual plants.  For example, you might even try mixing in a perennial such as a Hosta in a mixed Impatiens planter.  Generally, you should have an upright plant that is higher than the surrounding plants and any trailing plants you have selected.

Remember, your container garden is easy to move if you find it needs more light or if you’d like to view it in a different area of your yard.  You can also extend the season in the Spring and Fall because the containers can also be moved into your garage for a day or two if there is inclement weather.  If you’d like assistance in creating your container garden, stop out and we’d be happy to help you in the process.

Lastly, be sure to enjoy your container garden all season long!