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Anna Risan – owner


Anna owns Terra Garden Center with her husband Steve Risan.  Anna has a lengthy resume in the lawn and garden industry and is the ‘go to’ person when it comes to ‘fairy gardening’.  Her keen eye for design is her great strength. Anna’s many other duties include administration, purchasing and visual merchandising.

Steve Risan – owner


Steve owns Terra Garden Center with his wife Anna.  Steve has a comprehensive resume and extensive experience in the lawn and garden industry. Steve’s duties include administration, purchasing, merchandising, grower, data management, and he can answer just about any horticultural question you can come up with.

Angie Meyer


Angie is our resident people person. If you have ever been here and wondered who the extremely outgoing and friendly person was who helped you. That was Angie! Her love of plants is equally matched by her love of helping customers. Angie is married with two grown sons, and when she isn’t making us laugh at work, she enjoys cooking, crafting, spending time with her pets, and of course, gardening!

Christina Baklund


We don’t know how Christina manages to stay so bubbly and enthusiastic all of the time, it’s one of Terra’s great mysteries. Christina’s enthusiasm for plants and gardening also extends to her customer service, and we couldn’t be happier. Watching Christina help customers always makes us smile. Christina is pretty busy at home with her two kids and golden retrievers, but she is always happy to be at work helping us make your homes a prettier place.

Robin Vorwerk


Robin is our perennial expert, and really enjoys helping customers find great perennials that will meet their gardening needs for year after year color. Don’t let her perennial expertise fool you though, this lady has over 15 years of experience in the garden and nursery industry and can easily assist customers with flowering annuals, and trees & shrubs as well. If you have a question, try and find Robin as she will always do her best to help you. If you want to change the topic from gardening, ask Robin about local hiking, camping spots, or Nascar racing.

Vitaliy Kryvda


Vitaliy is our resident plant whisperer, and we are very lucky to have him on staff. He is heavily involved in all operations at the greenhouse relating to plant production and maintenance. Vitaliy routinely manages all of the many varieties of plants that become ‘Terra Grown’ plants. Without him, our selection and variety of plants would not be nearly as robust. Vitaliy is a true lover of nature and the outdoors. When he is not being a hero behind the scenes at Terra, he is often camping, fishing or sightseeing in Northern Minnesota.

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