Vitaliy Kryvda

Vitaliy is our resident plant whisperer, and we are very lucky to have him

Robin Vorwerk

Robin is our perennial expert, and really enjoys helping customers find great perennials that

Christina Baklund

We don’t know how Christina manages to stay so bubbly and enthusiastic all of

Angie Meyer

Angie is our resident people person. If you have ever been here and wondered

Steve Risan – owner

Steve owns Terra Garden Center with his wife Anna.  Steve has a comprehensive resume

Anna Risan – owner

Anna owns Terra Garden Center with her husband Steve Risan.  Anna has a lengthy

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WWe are a family owned and operated business, and that actually means something to us. We might be new owners, but we’ve been in the Nursery business for more than 20 years. From our “name only” rewards program, to our fundraising opportunities and wholesale programs, we learned long ago that treating people and employees right, makes an environment where relationships thrive, just like our plants.

Speaking of plants, we grow almost all of our plants right here at Terra, in our on-site growing area. Whether you are looking for perennials, annuals, evergreens, fruits, succulents of fairy gardens, we have it all right here. And if you don’t know what you are looking for, stop by and browse our spacious, fully covered and enclosed outdoor showroom.


Browse our large indoor showroom. We have a huge selection of planting accessories, both small and large; from planters, pots, and birdbaths, to gloves, trowels, and sprinklers. If you need it, we have it. We even have an ironically large section devoted completely to Fairy Gardening sets and displays.

We’re not here just to sell you things, any store can do that. At Terra, you can also learn. Check out our events page, or ask any employee in the store for more info about our special events and classes. Find out what happens behind the scenes at Terra, or take part in a group class.


Latest Projects

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